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Beşiktaş J.K

Beşiktaş J.K

Önceki Resim: Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (BJK)

bjk bjk Beşiktaş Logosu Beşiktaş Logosu Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (BJK) Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (BJK) Beşiktaş J.K Beşiktaş J.K

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Beşiktaş J.K

Açıklama: Beşiktaş J.K. (Full Turkish name: Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü, Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club) is a Turkish sports club from İstanbul, which professionally participates in many branches including football, basketball, volleyball, handball and chess. They play their football matches at İnönü Stadium, located by the Bosphorus, near the Dolmabahçe Palace.

Beşiktaş J.K. was established in 1903 in Ottoman Empire, which makes it the first Turkish sports club. The first branches of the club were wrestling, boxing, weight-lifting and a variety of gymnastics branches.

The monarchical rules of the Ottomans were relaxed with the declaration of Meşrutiyet (constitutional monarchy) on July 23, 1908; a law allowing the foundation of sport clubs passed on August 3, 1909.

Finally, the club was officially registered on January 20, 1910 under the name of "Beşiktaş Ottoman Gymnastics Club", and Şükrü Pasha took over the presidency of Beşiktaş. In this way, Beşiktaş became the first officially registered Turkish sports club, as well.

Some of the young patriots from the Beşiktaş district of İstanbul formed two football clubs called "Valideçeşme" and "Basiret", under the leadership of Şeref Bey. Valideçeşme and Basiret football clubs joined under Beşiktaş Ottoman Gymnastics Club in 1911. In a very short time, football became the foremost branch in the club.

[edit] Colours

Since only individual sports were done at the beginning in the Osman Pasha Mansion, there was no need for any colors for a uniform. However, the number of sportsmen increased with new youths who joined sport teams each passing day. Mehmet Şamil Bey (first president of the Club), who had graduated from the French school gathered the Founders Committee. He removed the pin he used in his school days bearing the colors of his school from his lapel and showed it around. He said “We must have a pin just like this one made and we must force all members who attend sports in our Club to bear this pin”. Those attending the meeting eagerly agreed to Mehmet Şamil Bey’s proposal. At the end of the meeting, the colors of the Club to be shown on the pin were decided. The two principal colors of nature in full contrast to each other were chosen as the Club colors: Black and White.
The date Beşiktaş’s first pin was made was written as “1906” in Latin years inspired by the pins in the French school. On top, it said “Beşiktaş” in Arabic letters, the letter “J” was placed on the rights and letter “K” was placed on the left. At the back of the pin, there is a script saying it was made in Constantinople and there is the seal of the craftsmen who made the pin on the inside. It is interesting that the star on the crest on the pin has 6 points. This 6-pointed star was used until the 2nd Constitutional Monarchy (1908). This pin was donated by Iskender Yakak to Süleyman Seba, the Honorary President of Beşiktaş J.K.

The current emblem of Beşiktaş symbolizes the foundation date. There are two white and three black bars on the emblem. It consists of nine parts in total. There is one white bar, three black bars, and another white bar, and there are nine parts in total. Thus: 1319, the year of the club's foundation. (The Islamic calendar was still used in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the club's foundation. 1319 is the equivalent of 1903 in Gregorian Calendar.)

The Turkish flag which appears in Beşiktaş's emblem is a gift from the Turkish Football Federation. Beşiktaş earned the right to incorporate the flag after having its full roster drafted as the Turkish national team playing against the Greek national team on May 16, 1952.
Beşiktaş, the title holder the previous two seasons started the 1940-41 season with a young and renewed team. Beşiktaş, which opened up its lead as weeks went by, was the leader in the league. Five weeks remaining to the end, the opponent was Süleymaniye. Beşiktaş had started the game in Şeref Stadium refereed by Semih Turansoy on Sunday January 19, 1941 with the following players: Faruk, Yavuz, İbrahim, Rıfat, Halil, Hüseyin, Şakir, Hakkı, Şükrü, Şeref, Eşref. As in all games of that season, the team played magnificently. Half way through the second half of the game, Beşiktaş attacked endlessly although it is way in front. Just then, a voice was heard from Şeref Stadı stands towards which Beşiktaş was attacking where there was an Atatürk panel. "Come on Black Eagles. Attack Black Eagles". Thousands of fans and journalists following the game that filled Şeref Stadium were frozen by the echoing sound. What was done was an extremely correct observation. It was not possible to describe the Beşiktaş players who crushed over their opponents that season as nothing other than “Black Eagles” and the soccer they played as nothing other than “Attacking like Black Eagles”. The owner of the voice coming from the stands was a fisherman called Mehmet Galin.

Beşiktaş closed the game with a 6-0 lead with 3 magnificent goals volleyed in by Şeref Görkey, who was known as volleyer Şeref and one goal each by Captain Hakkı, Şakir and Şükrü.

After this game, Beşiktaş’s symbol has become “Black Eagles” (Turkish: Karakartallar).
Current football squad

As of March 16, 2007:
No. Position Player
1 Flag of Croatia GK Vedran Runje
2 Flag of Turkey MF Serdar Kurtuluş
3 Flag of Turkey DF Mehmet Sedef
4 Flag of Germany DF Mustafa Doğan
5 Flag of Turkey DF Gökhan Zan
7 Flag of Turkey MF Burak Yılmaz
8 Flag of Turkey DF Baki Mercimek
9 Flag of Turkey FW Gökhan Güleç
10 Flag of Argentina MF Matias Emilio Delgado
11 Flag of Turkey FW Mert Nobre
13 Flag of Brazil FW Bobo
14 Flag of Turkey FW Can Erdem
15 Flag of Brazil MF José Kleberson
17 Flag of Brazil MF Ricardinho

No. Position Player
19 Flag of Turkey DF İbrahim Üzülmez
20 Flag of Turkey MF Aydın Karabulut
21 Flag of Turkey GK Ramazan Kurşunlu (on loan to Büyükşehir Belediye Ankaraspor)
22 Flag of Turkey MF Ali Tandoğan
23 Flag of Turkey GK Korcan Çelikay
29 Flag of Turkey GK Murat Şahin
30 Flag of Turkey DF Ali Güneş
41 Flag of Turkey MF Mustafa Koray Avcı
53 Flag of Turkey MF Fahri Tatan
55 Flag of Turkey MF İbrahim Akın
58 Flag of Turkey DF İbrahim Toraman
77 Flag of Turkey MF Emre Özkan
78 Flag of Turkey DF İbrahim Kaş
80 Flag of Turkey FW Kenan Özer

* Turkish clubs are limited to six players without Turkish citizenship. The squad list includes only the principal nationality of each player.
* Márcio Nobre (Mert Nobre) holds dual Turkish and Brazilian citizenship.
* Mustafa Doğan holds dual Turkish and German citizenship.
* Ali Güneş holds dual Turkish and German citizenship.
* Shirt number 12 was retired for Beşiktaş Supporters.

[edit] Notable players

Flag of Turkey Turkey

* Ahmet Dursun
* Ali Gültiken
* Ali İhsan Karayiğit
* Ali Kemal Denizci
* Birol Pekel
* Bülent Aziz Esel
* Ertuğrul Sağlam
* Faruk Karadoğan
* Faruk Sağnak
* Feyyaz Uçar
* Gökhan Keskin
* Güven Önüt
* Hakkı Yeten
* Hüseyin Saygun
* Hüsnü Savman
* İlhan Mansız
* Kaya Köstepen
* Kemal Gülçelik
* Mehmet Ekşi
* Mehmet Özdilek
* Metin Tekin
* Nazmi Bilge
* Necmi Mutlu
* Nihat Kahveci
* Oktay Derelioğlu
* Recep Adanır
* Recep Cetin
* Refik Osman Top
* Rıza Çalımbay
* Sabri Dino
* Samet Aybaba
* Sanlı Sarıalioğlu
* Sergen Yalçın
* Süleyman Seba
* Şenol Birol
* Şeref Görkey
* Şevket Yorulmaz
* Şükrü Gülesin
* Varol Ürkmez
* Yusuf Tunaoğlu

Flag of Argentina Argentina

* Matias Delgado

Flag of Brazil Brazil

* Ailton
* Ronaldo Guiaro
* Kleberson
* Márcio Nobre
* Ricardinho
* Antônio Carlos Zago

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria

* Yordan Letchkov
* Zlatko Yankov

Flag of Colombia Colombia

* Óscar Córdoba

Flag of Croatia Croatia

* Marijan Mrmić
* Vedran Runje

Flag of Denmark Denmark

* Peter Kjær

Flag of Egypt Egypt

* Ahmed Hassan

Flag of England England

* Les Ferdinand
* Alan Walsh

Flag of France France

* Pascal Nouma

Flag of Guinea Guinea

* Souleymane Youla

Flag of Germany Germany

* Raimond Aumann
* Stefan Kuntz
* Markus Münch

Flag of Iceland Iceland

* Eyjólfur Sverrisson

Flag of Italy Italy

* Federico Giunti

Flag of Morocco Morocco

* Jamal Sellami

Flag of Nigeria Nigeria

* Daniel Amokachi
* Christopher Ohen
* Ike Shorunmu

Flag of Norway Norway

* John Carew
* Ronny Johnsen
* Thomas Myhre

Flag of Peru Peru

* José del Solar

Flag of Romania Romania

* Adrian Ilie
* Daniel Pancu

Flag of Russia Russia

* Dmitri Khlestov

Flag of Scotland Scotland

* Ian Wilson

Flag of Serbia Serbia

* Mitar Mrkela

Flag of Slovakia Slovakia

* Miroslav Karhan

Flag of Spain Spain

* Juan Francisco García

Flag of Sweden Sweden

* Mattias Asper

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia

* Zoubeir Baya

[edit] Managers

* 1911-1925 Flag of Turkey Şeref Bey
* 1925-1935 Flag of Hungary Zinger
* 1935-1944 Flag of Turkey Refik Osman Top
* 1944-1946 Flag of England Charles Howard
* 1946-1947 Flag of Turkey Refik Osman Top
* 1947-1948 Flag of Italy Giuseppe Meazza
* 1948-1949 Flag of Turkey Hakkı Yeten
* 1949-1950 Flag of England Eric Keen
* 1950-1954 Flag of Turkey Hakkı Yeten
* 1954-1955 Flag of Italy Sandro Puppo
* 1955-1956 Flag of Turkey Cihat Arman
* 1956-1957 Flag of Hungary Mesaros
* 1957-1958 Flag of Turkey Eşref Bilgiç
* 1958-1959 Flag of Italy Leandro Remondini
* 1959-1960 Flag of Hungary Andrea Kutik
* 1960-1961 Flag of Italy Sandro Puppo
* 1961-1963 Flag of Turkey Şeref Görkey
* 1963-1964 Flag of Turkey Recep Adanır - Flag of Austria Melcihor
* 1964-1967 Flag of Yugoslavia Lubisa Spajic
* 1967-1968 Flag of Yugoslavia Jane Janevski
* 1968-1969 Flag of Bulgaria Krum Milev
* 1969-1970 Flag of Yugoslavia Milovan Ciric
* 1970-1971 Flag of Romania Dimitru Teoderescu
* 1971-1972 Flag of Turkey Gündüz Kılıç

* 1972-1974 Flag of Yugoslavia Abdullah Gegić
* 1974-1975 Flag of Turkey Metin Türel
* 1975-1976 Flag of Germany Horst Buhtz
* 1976-1977 Flag of Turkey Gündüz Tekin Onay
* 1977-1978 Flag of Yugoslavia Miloş Milutinoviç
* 1978-1979 Flag of Turkey Dogan Andaç
* 1979-1980 Flag of Turkey Serpil Hamdi Tüzün
* 1980-1981 Flag of Turkey Metin Türel
* 1980-1983 Flag of Yugoslavia Dorde Miliç
* 1983-1984 Flag of Turkey Ziya Taner
* 1984-1986 Flag of Yugoslavia Branko Stankoviç
* 1986-1987 Flag of Yugoslavia Miloş Milutinoviç
* 1987-1993 Flag of England Gordon Milne
* 1993-1996 Flag of Germany Christoph Daum
* 1996-1997 Flag of Turkey Rasim Kara
* 1997-1999 Flag of Wales John Toshack
* 1999-1999 Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Feldkamp
* 1999-2000 Flag of Germany Hans-Peter Briegel
* 2000-2001 Flag of Italy Nevio Scala
* 2001-2002 Flag of Germany Christoph Daum
* 2002-2004 Flag of Romania Mircea Lucescu
* 2004-2005 Flag of Spain Vicente Del Bosque
* 2005-2005 Flag of Turkey Rıza Çalımbay
* 2005-....... Flag of France Jean Tigana

[edit] Presidents

* M. Samil Osmanoglu (1903-1908)
* Sükrü Pasa (1908-1911)
* Fuat Pasa (1911-1918)
* Fuat Balkan (1918-1923)
* Salih Bey (1923-1924)
* Ahmet Fetgeri Aseni (1924-1926)
* Dr. Emin Sükru Kurt (1926-1932)
* A. Ziya Karamürsel (1932-1935)
* Fuat Balkan (1935-1937)
* Recep Peker (1937-1938)
* A. Ziya Karamürsel (1939-1940)
* Yusuf Özay Erdem (1939-1940)
* Yusuf Ziya Erdem (1940-1941)
* A. Ziya Karamürsel (1941-1942)
* A. Ziya Kozanoglu (1942-1950)
* Ekrem Amaç (1950-1951)
* S. Fuat Keçeçi (1951-1955)
* Tahir Sögütlü (1955-1956)
* Danyal Akbel (1956-1957)
* Nuri Togay (1957-1958)
* Ferhat Nasir (1958-1959)
* Nuri Togay (1959-1960)
* Hakki Yeten (1960-1963)
* Selahattin Akel (1963-1964)
* Hakki Yeten (1964-1966)
* Hasan Salman (1966-1967)
* Talat Asal (1967-1969)
* Rüstü Erkus - Nuri Togay (1969-1970)
* Agasi Sen (1970-1971)
* Himmet Ünlü (1971-1972)
* Sekip Okçuoglu (1972-1973)
* Mehmet Üstünkaya (1973-1977)
* Sevket Belgin (1977-1977)
* Gazi Akinal (1977-1980)
* Huseyin Cevahir - Alp Göksan (1980-1980)
* Riza Kumruoglu (1980-1981)
* Mehmet Üstünkaya (1981-1984)
* Süleyman Seba (1984-2000)
* Serdar Bilgili (2000-2004)
* Yıldırım Demirören (2004-)

[edit] Achievements

* Turkish League Championships:
o Winners (12): *1956-1957, *1957-1958, 1959-1960, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1981-82, 1985-86, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1994-95, 2002-03
o Runners-up (13): 1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1967-68, 1973-74, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1992-93, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-00
* Turkish Cup:
o Winners (6): 1975, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2006
o Runners-up (6): 1966, 1977, 1984, 1993, 1999, 2002
* Turkish Super Cup:
o Winners (1): 2006
* Champions League:
o Quarterfinals (1): 1987
* UEFA Cup:
o Quarterfinals (1): 2003

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